CWU Road Assist Scheme success


A young lady involved in a road traffic accident in 2002 had her case referred to Simpson Millar LLP under the Communication Workers’ Union "Road Assist Scheme" via her mother who is a member. The scheme aims to indemnify members of the union and their relatives for legal costs, equivalent to a legal expenses insurance policy.

The accident occurred in 2002 and the claimant was 15 years old at the time. She sustained facial and body scarring and was psychologically affected as a result of the accident, requiring some therapy to assist her recovery.

The case took some time to come to fruition as the gathering of information was crucial; the claimant had a large special damages claim including, at its core, a future loss of earnings claim. The claimant had suffered significant loss of confidence and had not fulfilled her earlier career ambitions as a result of her injuries and in particular, her scarring.

Simpson Millar LLP are pleased to have assisted the claimant in achieving an award of £45,000.00 in damages in compensation for her claim which concluded this year.

Tony Rupa, Head of Legal Services, at the CWU said: "This is a classic example of the benefits of trade union membership, the CWU and its solicitors working in partnership to protect its members and their families at a time of greatest need".

Sue Vanden, Head of the RTA team and the Associate with conduct of this particular file, stated: "This was a difficult case which required significant work to be undertaken to support all areas of the claim, which was achieved by instructing experts in the appropriate fields and securing corroborating evidence, so as to gain the most appropriate award for this young lady, whose life had been significantly affected by the occurrence of such an accident."

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