Cryptosporidium Sickness at the Grand Cettia Hotel in Turkey


Dirty Hotel Swimming PoolWhen Mr and Mrs Calvert booked their dream holiday to Turkey, they had no idea that it would end in 3 years of anguish.

Mr Christopher Calvert and Mrs Pauline Calvert booked an all-inclusive holiday to the Grand Cettia Hotel in turkey through Thomas Cook. The couple and their children were staying at the hotel when all four of them suffered from severe diarrhoea and vomiting which in turn ruined their holiday.

When the family returned to the UK and were still suffering from their symptoms Mr Calvert visited his GP and was diagnosed with Cryptosporidium. It was likely that Mrs Calvert and the children also suffered from the same infection. Medical reports stated that they would suffer from IBS for the next 2-3 years.

The couple stated that many of the other guests at the hotel became ill and indications suggested it was the hotel swimming pool which seemed to be the source of the guest's illnesses although the general hygiene at the hotel was "very poor".

Thomas Cook knew that there was a serious problem at the Grand Cettia Hotel and admitted liability for the illnesses suffered, however they made no offers of settlement. After having obtained medical evidence from the Calvert's, offers were put forward to Thomas Cook. Counter offers were received however after much negotiation; a satisfactory agreement was made for both clients. The agreed compensation awarded was £5,500 each for Mr and Mrs Calvert.

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