Cryptosporidium - Parasites in the Hotel’s Swimming Pool?


Splashing and swimming should be a fun, active, and healthy way to spend your holiday leisure time, but illnesses such as cryptosporidium – giardiasis – e-coli - and shigella have been a recent cause of holiday compensation claims.

Simpson Millar Solicitors have seen a marked increase in the number of holiday illness claims caused by contaminated water from swimming pools and waterparks. Such recreational water illnesses can result in a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms including gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, eye, neurological, and wound infections.

Our specialist holiday claims team is aware that outbreaks of recreational gastric illness have emerged as a major challenge to the holiday industry due to the efficient transmission of bacterial and parasites in water. This is particular true within all-inclusive hotels with large swimming pools where incidences of cryptosporidium have been particularly prevalent.

Watch out for Cryptosporidium in Hotel Swimming Pools – image

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claim Manager says:

"Tour operators have a legal obligation to pay compensation if their hotel suppliers fail to operate swimming pools to reasonable safety standards. Holiday illness claims are avoidable if tour operators work closely with their suppliers to ensure that they offer safe and healthy holidays at every opportunity."

"Outbreaks of holiday illness from swimming pools and waterparks can be eradicated if water is filtered using modern techniques which involve a frequent turn over of pool water."

Unhealthy Swimming Pools

The pool is unlikely to be healthy if you:

  • Cannot see the floor drain in the deep end
  • Can smell a strong chemical odour
  • Cannot hear the pool pump running, or
  • Feel sliminess on tile walls.

"Holiday makers should also be educated and provided with clear and concise information from its tour operator highlighting their own responsibility in ensuring that they and other holiday makers have a safe holiday free from illness."

Simon continues to say:

"Many tour operators now have brochures dedicated to hotels which include large swimming pools and waterparks as part of the package holiday."

"Tour operators should adhere to the guidance provide by their industry representative (the Federation of Tour Operators) particularly in relation to the prevention of cryptosporidium outbreaks in swimming pool water."

"We expect them to monitor cases of holiday illness and collate counts of cases by date to reduce and prevent further instances of sickness. Such monitoring is regarded as best practice, but requires setting up systems and training staff to do this surveillance supported by clear protocols for action where outbreaks are detected. This differs from the standard notification system which only records cases of food poisoning or other gastric illness, with a laboratory proven cause."

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