Crazy Health and Safety Putting People at Risk


The law has enabled councils in England and Wales to come up with bizarre new criminal offences that need to be curbed. But, councils aren’t the only ones making up strange health and safety laws.Health and Safety

The End of Over-Regulation

Over-regulation is being fought by The Manifesto Club who claim that the law responsible, the Anti- Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act, is causing inconsistencies up and down the country.

Things such as banning the sale of 'lucky heather', entering tower blocks if you are under the age of 21 unless you live there or you're visiting a resident, and begging for money in certain areas.

In a bid to 'cut the red tape', the government vowed to get rid of insane health and safety laws that went a step too far in trying to protect the public. But is health and safety always a bad thing?

Health and Safety is No Smoke Screen

Protecting the public and those that are at work is the job of health and safety laws and rules such as these significantly damage the effort put into laws that protect the general public. When health and safety provisions are used inappropriately people start to lose faith and may start to believe that abiding by some laws is not necessary.

Often, it's these cases that we see, where someone has been injured either whilst out and about, at school or at work because the laws of health and safety have been ignored and not implemented by those responsible.

Whilst the phrase 'health and safety' shouldn't be used as a smoke screen, it's clear that more needs to be done about the proper formulation and implementation of health and safety laws.

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