CQC Issue Guidance on Secret Filming in Care Homes


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recently issued guidance for family members that intend to record hidden footage of their loved ones in a care home.Holding Hands

Panorama Exposed Abuse

An initial CQC consultation was prompted after the BBC's Panorama programme in 2011 used secret filming to uncover abuse at Winterbourne View, a care home for people with learning disabilities. The Old Deanery care home in Essex was the latest to be exposed in 2014.

Contents Of The Leaflet

The 11-page document is aimed at families, carers and people who use health and care services. It raises a number of points for those considering filming, such as:
  • Before conducting surveillance, any care concerns should be raised with the provider of services and/or regulators such as the CQC
  • Use of equipment should be limited to a person's private room
  • Permission should first be gained from the individual being cared for – if they are unable to give consent, filming must be shown to be in their best interests
  • The privacy of anyone recorded should be considered, including staff and visitors
The concept of secret filming is regarded by some as controversial, raising ethical issues of consent and privacy. Many supporters believe that if it succeeds in its aim of preventing serious harm and abuse of society’s most vulnerable, then the use of such an approach is surely justified.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Those wishing to seek further details of the guidance are urged to view the full report via the Care Quality Commission website.

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