Council's refusal to repair potholed roads puts people at risk


A controversial stance by an Essex Council in relations to potholes on its highways has been making national headlines recently.

Navestock Council in Essex has stated that it intends to deliberately leave potholes in the road untreated, as they are a natural traffic calming device. Locals are upset and disturbed by the position taken by the Council and feel that their taxes are not properly being utilised for the safety of their roads.

A newsletter prepared by the Council and sent out to locals, named New Thinking Please, commented that as potholes are expensive to repair and the Council is being asked to implement speed limits and traffic calming incentives, the sensible option is to leave the potholes which "seem quite friendly".

A parishioner advised that the decision had been taken at a recent meeting but that the potholes being considered for non-action were those on minor roads rather than main carriageways.

A former policeman who is a resident in Navestock has criticised the decision which he says puts vulnerable people at risk, particularly the elderly, cyclists and horse riders. The AA have also spoken against the council’s view, advising that potholes pose a risk to motorists who are already paying through their taxes for such defects to be remedied.

Potholes are also a regular cause of pedestrian accidents and can easily cause a trip or fall resulting in personal injury.

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