Coral Sea Waterworld Group Action Compensation Claim 2014


Concern is increasing as the number of holidaymakers reporting to Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors that they have been diagnosed with the bacterial bug Shigella continues to rise.

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Since the Mirror and Mail broke the story on Monday 4th August Simpson Millar's Holiday Claims team have been working around the clock as more and more angry customers of the tour operators First Choice and Thomson seek advice and help.

More than 200 to Claim Compensation

Nick Harris, Head of Holiday Claims said:

"We are representing more than 180 victims and I expect this number to continue rising sharply. We have been inundated since the story broke in media last week."

"The majority of those reporting illness complain that they experienced urgent and profuse diarrhoea, painful stomach cramps and fever."

"What is very worrying is that many sought treatment from their GP after returning to the UK and after having stool tests received a positive diagnosis for the bug Shigella, which can be a very serious infection if not properly treated."

Shigella a Serious Worry

Nick urges anyone who has returned from the Coral Sea Waterworld resort in Egypt to consult their GP and to insist that a stool sample is taken and tested to ensure a correct medical diagnosis.

Shigella is an infection that can be carried and passed on innocently from person to person.

Nick says; "It is absolutely vital that anyone who may have come into contact with the Shigella infection should seek the advice of their GP and especially those who have close contact with the elderly, infirm and very young in addition to those who handle or work with food".

Illness not a Virus

After personally speaking with more than 50 victims of the sickness bug Nick is concerned that advice was being given to holidaymakers in the resort that the outbreak was caused by a virus.

Nick says; "In my opinion the advice being given was reckless and wrong. It is clear from the number of people reporting Shigella that this was far more sinister than a virus and the proper advice should have been to seek urgent medical attention".

Shigella is a bacterial infection that can be passed from person to person and can in a small percentage of cases result in debilitating long-term arthritic conditions.

Facts about Shigella

  • Symptoms of Shigella typically start 1 or 2 days after infection
  • The main symptoms are diarrhoea, fever and stomach cramps
  • The acute phase of infection typically lasts 5-7 days, although it may be several months before bowel movements are normal
  • Some people can carry the bug without showing any symptoms
  • 2 in every 100 infected people later develop post-infectious arthritis, causing painful joint, eye irritation and pain when passing urine
  • Post-infectious arthritis can last for years, and lead to chronic arthritis
  • Shigella is passed from person to person
  • Food and water contaminated by faeces are common sources of infection. An example is vegetables grown in land contaminated by sewage
  • Infected food-handling workers, bacteria carrying insects and infected surfaces and objects such as door and toilet handles are sources of infection
  • Tap water and swimming pools are common sources of infection, typically when Shigella bacteria runs into a water supply or infected bathers contaminate the pool

If you have suffered an illness whilst on a package holiday abroad its advisable to seek legal advice as to whether you can claim compensation.

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