Coral Sea Holiday Village Diarrhoea Problems Reported on Tripadvisor


Holidaymakers posting on Tripadvisor on 29 June have reported developing symptoms of food poisoning while staying at the Coral Sea Holiday Village at Sharm El Sheikh.

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The Coral Sea Holiday Village offers an all-inclusive board basis and is popular with families and couples.

The guest posting on Tripadvisor on 29 June said they were advised at the hotel clinic that symptoms of “Egyptian tummy” and that it would get better in 3-5 days. However, more than a week after returning from their holiday at the Coral Sea Holiday Village they are still suffering symptoms.

The guests allegedly became ill on the second day of their holiday – and bought antibiotics at the hotel’s clinic, which they later found were not licensed in the UK.

Eventually the holidaymakers moved hotels after encountering health and safety issues at the Coral Sea Holiday Village, including an incident when one of the party allegedly almost cut their hand on a rusty nail holding their bed together.

The Coral Sea Holiday Village receives glowing reports from some holidaymakers – including from a first-time guest who defends the resort from allegations of food poisoning outbreaks.

Sadly the causes of “Egyptian tummy” or “holiday tummy” are bacterial or parasitic infections like Salmonella, E. Coli or Cryptosporidium, which is contracted from contaminated swimming pool water (usually as a result of human faeces).

“Holiday tummy” does not occur without an infection – and bacterial and parasitic infections which cause gastroenteritis in Egypt are preventable.

Nick Harris, Head of International Travel Law states that "tour operators have a legal duty under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 to ensure that food standards, cleanliness and swimming pool maintenance prevent holidaymakers from contracting infections which cause travel sickness and diarrhoea."

He also says that "some holidaymakers may recover quickly from mild infections – but some holidaymakers also develop serious gastric infections, which cause long-term ill-health and secondary conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. Egyptian clinics have also been known to prescribe antibiotics banned in the UK."

Nick Harris advises "any holidaymakers who have suffered from symptoms of holiday sickness and diarrhoea while staying at the Coral Sea Holiday Village should contact their GP for a diagnosis of the infection as soon as they return home.

Once a diagnosis has been made, they should then contact a reputable Travel Lawyer to assess if there is any compensation owed."

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