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Property Inflation Outstrips Wages

Time icon 23 September 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

With average property prices continuing to rise, while wage increases fail to keep up, we take a look at what it means for home buyers like you.

Help to Buy Isa Leads to First Time Buyer Confusion

Time icon 24 August 2016 | Person icon Mark Underhill

It has emerged that the government Help to Buy scheme contains a confusing condition which has left some people with an unexpected financial shortfall

A Guide To Listed Buildings

Time icon 23 August 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

The site where George Eliot wrote one of literatures classics, Middlemarch, Brookbank Cottage recently came on to the market for a staggering £799,950

Protecting the Silver Pound – Funding your Grandchilds First Home

Time icon 31 July 2016 | Person icon Mark Underhill

With 1 in 6 first-time buyers expecting to ask their grandparents for financial support when purchasing a home, the silver bank is now open for business.

Use Of The Bank Of Granny And Grandad On The Rise As First-Time Buyers Struggle To Get Onto The Property Ladder

Time icon 31 July 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Grandparents are increasingly helping first-time buyers onto the property ladder, as rising house prices push property out of reach for many young buyers

Buying Your First Home – What To Consider

Time icon 27 July 2016 | Person icon Mark Underhill

Those buying a home without the financial input of a third party are an increasingly rare breed with less than 1 in 10 believing they will ever be able to.

Only 9% Of Future UK First-Time Buyers Will Be Able To Afford To Buy Alone

Time icon 27 July 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Amongst all first-time buyers, only 4% can do it without family or Government help.

Rising House Prices In A Post-Brexit World

Time icon 26 July 2016 | Person icon Mark Underhill

Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express have featured stories on the rise of house prices in the wake of the EU referendum.

First-Time Home Buyers Look To Complex Funding Schemes

Time icon 23 July 2016 | Person icon Mark Underhill

Rising house prices mean that first-time buyers have to resort to increasingly complex methods to fund the purchase of their dream home.

First-Time Buyers Forgo Legal Protection In Increasingly Complex House Purchases For Fear Of Damaging Trust In Relationships

Time icon 23 July 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

First-time buyers looking to get their foot on the housing ladder are turning to increasingly complex ways to purchase their first home.

All You Need To Know About Conveyancing Searches

Time icon 5 July 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

When you have found your perfect property it can be tempting to jump in feet first. But you cant know everything about a property just by going to view it

UK House Price Inflation Jumped 9% Before Stamp Duty Rise

Time icon 28 June 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Stamp duty changes saw house price inflation jump 9% in March, as landlords looked to sell their second properties before a stamp duty increase.

Brexit Could See Fall in House Prices

Time icon 10 June 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Estate agents have claimed that a vote to leave could result in house values falling by thousands of pounds.

Help to Buy ISAs Already Accelerating, "Escape from Generation Rent"

Time icon 11 April 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

First wave of first-time buyers cashed in their Government savings boost in April to beat ever-rising property prices

Separating Couples at Risk of Higher Rate Stamp Duty Penalty

Time icon 6 April 2016 | Person icon John Pratley

Divorcing and separating couples have been warned not to jump the gun on house buying, or they could get slammed with a new 3% surcharge.

Stamp Duty Changes

Time icon 29 March 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Lisa Gibbs, partner and conveyancing manager at Simpson Millar Solicitors LLP in Manchester, provides guidance on the imminent changes to stamp duty.

Are Things Looking Up for First Time Buyers?

Time icon 28 January 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

The average age of 1st time buyers now reaching 31 according to Halifax figures and the average UK property price hitting £274,000...

Could More Have Been Done To Prevent Flood Damage?

Time icon 14 January 2016 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Our conveyancing team wanted to find out how the storms and floods had impacted the British public, getting a grip on the hard facts and figures.

Help to Buy ISA Proves Popular

Time icon 23 December 2015 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

It appears that the Help to Buy ISA, which has just been extended to London properties, has hit the ground running.

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