Contaminated sofa from Land of Leather causes heart failure


A 63 year old man required hospitalisation for 1 week which he attributes to contact with his toxic leather sofa.

Mr Green spent a week in hospital with blisters, breathing difficulties, pneumonia and eventually heart failure which he feels is due to a sofa he purchased from Land of Leather.

Mr Green claims that his symptoms were due to sachets of anti-mould fungicide under the cushions which contained the chemical dimethyl fumarate.

Crystals contained in the sachets transform into toxic gas, particularly when exposed to heat. This can then pass through clothes, causing problems. The chemical can cause severe skin reactions eg blisters, burns and in some cases breathing difficulties.

The Sofa was manufactured by Chinese firm Eurosofa. Last year 1,000s of people said they were burned by leather sofas from the Chinese Manufacturer, Linkwise.

Mr Green has launched a High Court Legal Action against Land of Leather and Eurosofa following his traumatic ordeal.

At Simpson Millar LLP we are dealing with a number of these claims and therefore if you or a member of your family has bought a leather sofa in the last 12 months and are suffering from symptoms including rashes, burns or breathing difficulties you should:
  • Contact the retailer where you purchased the sofa
  • Visit your GP
  • Contact a Solicitor

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