Concerns raised over gas heaters after 2 die from carbon monoxide poisoning


Two teenagers have died as a result or carbon monoxide poisoning earlier this year.

Following an investigation into their deaths the source was found to be a faulty gas heater. 2 months prior to the incident one of the boys had modified the heater with a wood baton to keep a faulty button depressed and the gas flame burning. The heater had been given to one of the boys 2 years prior to the event and had subsequently never been serviced.

By using the piece of wood to depress the faulty button it had bypassed a safety feature on the gas heater. With the safety feature no longer in use the heater had pumped out fatal doses of carbon monoxide into the room.

Both boys lost their lives due to this deadly gas. Carbon Monoxide is often referred to as the "silent killer" as its properties make it odourless, tasteless and colourless and extremely difficult to detect without an appropriate detector in place.

Everyone should be aware of the need to ensure gas appliances are regularly serviced by Gas Safe Registered Engineer to ensure their safety. By failing to do this you could be putting yourself and your family in grave danger.

Deputy Gwent Coroner Wendy James commented: "The tragic deaths of these two boys highlight the need for greater awareness of the general public as to the safe operation of gas heaters."

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