Compensation for Ruined Holiday In Turkey


The Holiday Contract Claims Department has won a claim for compensation against Thomas Cook after a legal battle commenced for the appalling health and safety hazards a family faced whilst on holiday in Turkey.

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Mr Jones and his partner went abroad to Turkey for a family holiday with their 6 year old son to celebrate their wedding anniversary. What was meant to be a celebratory occasion at the exceptional Marti Myra Hotel, turned out to be downgrade with danger zones.

Mr Jones and his family were accommodated in a hotel room with blood stained shower curtains, an open sewer in the bathroom with exposed razor sharp tiles and which caused a backlash of faeces when the toilet was flushed , loose mould on the walls, asbestos on the ceiling and loose and exposed electrical wires amongst a number of other problems.

Mr Jones was able to make a claim which settled for £3,250 as his holiday was a package holiday. This meant that the tour operator was responsible for investigating and providing compensation for a successfully settled claim under the Package Travel Regulations 1992.

Standards at the Hotel

Rozeena Mahatay who deals with the contractual nature of holiday claims from our Birmingham Office says:

“In Mr Jones case the standard of the hotel, the services provided and the lack of amenities were all below standard. There were clear failings in health and safety practices at the Marti Myra Hotel, which unfortunately the guests had to bear the consequences of after having paid for 4 star services.

Mr Jones and his family didn’t expect to book a 4 star accommodation and receive a room full of health and safety hazards.

The standard of service provided was also quite poor, which was reflected when the open sewer was reported to staff. A cleaner was sent to deal with the complaint which meant stuffing the sewer with bags and towels, which did nothing but soak up all the excrement.

The poor services are usually down to hotels cutting cost on maintenance at the expense of health and safety of holidaymakers.”

Our Services

Mr Jones was extremely pleased with the way in which his claim was dealt with and the quick turnaround time to reach settlement. When commenting on the result of his claim, Mr Jones stated: ‘very pleased with your services & I would be happy to recommend you.’

Did You Book A Holiday That Was Misrepresented With Poor Standards

Rozeena Mahatay in our Holiday Contract Claims Department deals with claims for compensation where consumers have faced poor services from Travel Agents and Tour Operators from the point of booking through to those received at the hotel.

Often holidays are misrepresented and bear no resemblance to the standard of accommodation consumers think they have booked. This often leads to an unpleasant stay as well as being exposed to health and safety risks, which can lead to serious illnesses/infections and the possibility of accidents occurring.

You could be entitled to compensation if you have experienced a holiday where the standards of the accommodation and services received were below those advertised.

Not only would you be entitled to compensation by way of recovering the full cost of your holiday but also compensation for loss of enjoyment.

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