Compensation awarded for accident that knocked teeth out


Facial Teeth InjuriesWe were approached initially by a client who suffered an injury at work, however, at first he was apprehensive about pursuing a claim as he didn't want to cause friction with his employer.

Our client was at work when he tripped over wires and cables that were left as a tripping hazard behind his work area. In his fall our client lost two teeth which needed to be replaced by crowns and potentially would need to be replaced every ten years for the remainder of his life.

At the time of the accident there was a volatile employment situation within the building industry sector which made our client concerned about the security of his job were he to make a claim. After some time, our client was laid off in any event and subsequently pursued the claim.

This claim was a difficult case to prove as evidence was hard to come by, due to the building site being completed by the time the claim commenced. However, the defendant's insurers were convinced to accept liability for the accident.

Negotiations were made with the defendant about the amount of compensation, explaining that the client would need future treatment for his teeth and it would need to cover the cost of this as well as any future losses. £12,000 was agreed as a suitable amount of compensation which was awarded to our client following his accident at work.

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