Climbing the Top 200 ladder


One of the most eagerly awaited league tables of Britain's legal services industry is out and Simpson Millar LLP remains well positioned as the firm continues to grow.

Now the country's 145th largest firm, The Lawyer 200 guide highlighted Simpson Millar's financial growth and acquisition of boutique firm MG Law as particular achievements of late. Likewise, its ongoing recruitment drive received credit for continued growth.

"With the Legal Services Act on the horizon, strong leadership will be key to navigating the changing landscape of the UK legal sector," wrote The Lawyer's Matt Byrne and reminded anyone who hasn't yet realised that this year, potentially, everything changes. Indeed the magazine, which is widely considered one of the country's leading for the legal services sector, stressed that the success or failure of firms to be a reflection of their management teams. True, but perhaps not groundbreaking news to anyone working in the sector.

"The firms that are going to succeed in this new dawn of ABSs, corporate ownership and publicly listed legal services providers are likely to be those that are well run," said Matt.

According to The Lawyer, vision, execution and governance were the core elements of running a successful practice. Words, it seems, which are reflected nicely in leading QC Bill Braithwaite of Exchange Chambers' assessment of Simpson Millar's managing partner, Peter Watson: "Under his reign Peter has transformed Simpson Millar into a really powerful, well-structured business that is geared towards serving the clients' needs. When anyone within the firm mentions Peter to me the overwhelming message is that they like him as a person respect and admire him as Managing Partner and that they want him to continue in the job. That is ultimately the greatest compliment."

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