Claims management companies £400m compensation rip-off


Claims management companies (CMCs) are well known for their business approach of selling on client's personal injury claims to solicitors for referral fees ranging from £300 - £800 a case.

But is the consumer really benefiting by using a CMC? Wouldn't you feel more comfortable talking directly to the solicitors who are dealing with your case and fighting for your rights to compensation?

There is nothing worse than poor or lack of communication and having to go through a middleman every time just means that things take longer and cost more.

This week sees the launch of Andrea Costas online website whose aim is to take on the "rip-off claims farmers" and potentially return money to those needing legal help. "The Law Bazaar" is an online portal where consumers can log on and be directed to lawyers who can deal with their case.

Mind you this comes at another cost for the lawyers who advertise on this site who will probably have to pay in the region of £150 pounds per case which yes is substantially less than a referral from a claims management company but are you still not in effect having a middleman? Wouldn't it be better if the consumer directly contacted the solicitors themselves.

Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors have been running their "cut out the middleman" campaign for over a year now. For every consumer who mentions the campaign and who we agree to act for we will give them a £250 Bonus payment regardless of whether they win or lose their case. We believe in putting the consumer first, lets pay them for their personal injury case rather than paying someone else.

Isn't the main goal of solicitors to make their clients happy and put their needs at the forefront? Why not reward the consumer for talking directly to us?

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