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Save My Holiday on BBC1 has featured the story of friends Victoria and Katie and the extra expenses they had to pay after booking an all-inclusive trip to a 4 star hotel in Marmaris, Turkey.

Victoria and Katie each have a young son, and the two week holiday for all four was eagerly anticipated. However, on arriving at their hotel the ladies found that their room for four was only equipped for three people. When another put-up bed was delivered to the room whilst the holiday makers were in the hotel grounds, the hotel room door was left wide open – with all the ladies’ possessions and holiday cash on show for any opportune thief.

Save my Holiday – holiday from hellThis first day disappointment left the ladies feeling unsafe and they immediately asked for a change of hotel – they had by now found that the food on offer was “inedible” and did not want their children to drink from dirty glasses.

But it took three phone calls costing £154 back to the UK to get a hotel transfer. And then they had to pay an additional £532 on top of the £2,000 already paid for their all-inclusive holiday to Turkey simply to move to a new hotel.

Their holiday rep arranged the transfer and a taxi – only for the ladies to discover at the new hotel that they would not be able to check in for another two nights. So, at their own expense, they had to find a third hotel for themselves and the two young boys.

In all of this time the ladies and children were racking up extra expenses by having to eat out every day and buy drinks away from the hotels due to poor food safety standards. With the money paid to change hotel, the phone calls and the food and drink bills, the ladies easily added an extra £1,000 to their supposedly ‘all-inclusive’ holiday deal.

And all of this meant that they were entitled to claim compensation for the extra and unexpected holiday expenses. After much intervention from the Save My Holiday team, the ladies were finally offered compensation from the tour operator.

Save My Holiday’s top tips today about claiming compensation for a bad holiday experience are:

The main reasons you should be entitled to compensation:

  • Feeling ‘ripped off’ – ie: you didn’t get what you paid for
  • Extra expenses – meals out, phone calls etc if your hotel is not up to standard
  • Loss of Enjoyment/Inconvenience/Disappointment with your holiday

But you must follow the basic rules to show that you have done all you can whilst on holiday to strengthen your holiday compensation claim:

  • Complain to your holiday company rep asap
  • Fill out a complaints form
  • Take photographs of shoddy standards and keep any receipts for additional expenses
  • When you come home, complain to your holiday company in writing – and keep a copy
  • If your holiday compensation claim still goes nowhere, bring in an independent arbitration organisation like ABTA to handle your claim for holiday expenses compensation

Calling the UK from abroad:

Save My Holiday has shown the huge amount of money it costs to call UK-based tour operators’ helplines from abroad. Their advice is:

  • Buy a local pay-as-you-go SIM card to make calls on – this is cheaper than using your UK mobile
  • Keep all receipts every time you top-up to put towards your holiday compensation claim

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