CIM says female managers are still paid less than men doing the same job


Simpson Millar LLP is dismayed, but not surprised, to learn from a study by the Chartered Institute of Management that, on average, female managers are paid over £10,500.00 a year less than male managers doing the same job.

Equal pay between male and female employees

Even worse, the CIM found that this pay gap is getting wider (by £500 in the past year). It is better news that the survey showed that the average pay of junior women managers have caught up and overtaken the average pay of junior male managers. As well as reflecting the worth of these junior managers, this could also be an indication of more transparency in pay arrangements at the more junior end of management.

It is to be hoped that the new provisions in the Equality Act that place a ban on clauses in contracts historically used to prevent employees discussing their pay with colleagues to find out if they might have an equal pay claim, will speed up the move to greater transparency in pay between men and women, particularly in the private sector which has so far resisted the move to company-wide equal pay audits.

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