Christmas Contact – Will You Be Glad When It's All Over?


Christmas for separated or divorced parents can be a difficult time. Some may just think, "I'll be glad when it's over…"

It is however possible to alleviate the stress in the run up to, and on the day, if you take a little time to plan ahead.

Child contact at christmas

Some Tips To Follow

Here are some tips from our Family Law department for having a Merry Christmas:

  • Access can be planned early, prior to the Christmas period – even now you still have time left. Getting in there early and leaving enough time to negotiate can alleviate a lot of stress. Christmas comes around on the same date every year, you know it's coming - so plan for this year and the next!
  • Are you and your ex still on speaking terms? If yes, then this is the perfect time to be civil, sit down with each other and decide what works best for both of you and the children, who should be at the centre of all discussions
  • Can't stand to be around each other? This may be the time to bring in an impartial third party such as a solicitor to step in to alleviate some of the burden. Not being able to talk to each other is not as unheard of as you may think in couples that have just broken up. If you can get someone in to help you, the better you'll be for it
  • Remember that all Christmas traditions were new at some point. Create new ones for you and your children to avoid dredging up old memories that may be hurtful and sour the day
  • Help your child find a gift for the other parent – you may not love your ex-partner anymore but your children still do, and they'll really appreciate it. Often after a break up, feelings of bitterness and resentment can linger, don't let this get in the way. Focus on the good and forget about the bad for one day at least

Fond Memories

With all the hype and festivities, it's hard to believe that all this fuss goes on over one day. No Christmas is perfect but when you look back on the day, it will most likely be with fond memories.

Getting someone in to help you along this journey is a great idea, especially if they can help you to make your plans concrete and clear for the future.

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