Cholera outbreak in southeast Cuba


High temperatures and heavy rain is being blamed for an outbreak of cholera in southeast Cuba, which has killed three people.

Cuba Holiday Illness

A further 53 have been infected and around 1,000 people have received medical treatment for the water-borne illness.

Communist Party newspaper Granma is suggesting water wells near the town of Manzanillo are responsible for the cholera outbreak – samples have been taken and water supplies are being treated with chlorine.

Health officials are checking food and water supplies to find the source of the outbreak and have denied there is a lack of medicine to cope with the outbreak.

Health officials in Cuba say that the country has all the necessary resources to combat cholera – the disease was eradicated in Cuba in 1959 and the last cholera epidemic in Cuba was in 1882.

Local sources say that radio stations are broadcasting health advice and health officials are visiting homes in Cuba to emphasise the importance of good hygiene and food preparation, including washing hands and surfaces.

The number of reported cases is said to be falling – travellers to Cuba can check for updates at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website or their tour operator. So far no holidaymakers are reported to have been affected by the cholera outbreak.

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