Child trust fund increases for disabled children


Additional financial support to disabled children has been given in the 2009 Budget.

Rt Hon Alaistair Darling MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, stated in his Budget speech that 'children with disabilities need extra help to make the most of their potential'. As a result, he announced that the Government will add an extra £100 per year for disabled children and £200 per year for severely disabled children to Child Trust Fund payments.

While these measures have been welcomed by disability groups concern has been expressed that there remains much to be done on behalf of disabled children and their families, many of whom are living in poverty and because of the cost of, and time spent caring for a disabled child have limited opportunities for improving their situation.

Suggestions for further improvement to the tax system include amending the tax credits allowances, to make work for parents of disabled children a viable option, further work on take-up of Disability Living Allowance to ensure that all families who are eligible receive support.

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