Careless drivers to face on the spot fines


The government is to introduce a series of measures giving police new powers to fine careless drivers on the spot.

Traffic police – on spot finesInstead of getting involved in lengthy court proceedings, the new rules would allow police to give fixed penalty notices to drivers who tailgate, undertake or pull out in front of other cars. Such motorists could be fined up to £100 there and then.

The idea is to distinguish careless drivers who may have a momentary lapse of concentration from more serious – and dangerous – reckless drivers.

Motorists who make a genuine mistake may be offered help to improve their driving, and other measures being considered are to force disqualified drivers to retrain in their driving skills before taking the wheel again and a crack down on ‘drug drivers’.

It is all part of a government strategy to make Britain’s roads safer for all and the new rules should be brought in by early 2012. If these will avoid just one death on the road, then those fines will be worth it.

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