Care visit standards are slipping


The Equality and Human Rights Commission has uncovered worrying cases of neglect amongst elderly people receiving home care visits.

Care of the Elderly at home slipping

According to the EHRC, care of older people in their homes is so poor their human rights are being overlooked, with frequent examples of a lack of respect for older people's privacy and dignity.

A full report will be published in November 2011 but the commission’s interim findings highlighted "major problems" in the home care system.

It describes cases of people being left in bed for 17 hours, or more, between care visits and a failure to wash people regularly, as well as reports of people being left in filthy nightwear and bedding after a homecare visit.

Problems resulting from home care visits being rushed too often have meant that tasks like washing and dressing would often leave elderly people and care staff frustrated. Visits were sometimes so brief that people would have to choose between having a cooked meal or a wash.

High staff turnover was blamed in part for the shortcomings.

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