Carbon monoxide poisoning the focus in awareness week


Highlighting the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning is a key goal of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which started on Monday 21 November.

Carbon monoxide (CO) can be produced by faulty, badly-installed and poorly-maintained gas cookers, fires and central heating systems. Because the gas has no colour, taste or smell, it is extremely hard to detect.

Carbon Monoxide Detector protects again carbon monoxide poisoning

Symptoms of CO exposure include sickness and nausea, fatigue, dizziness and shortage of breath. According to official Department of Health statistics, carbon monoxide poisoning last year led to 50 deaths and over 4,000 hospital admissions.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week has been introduced to remind homeowners of the dangers of CO poisoning, and to show how everyone can help prevent the leak into the home of fumes which could be fatal.

Bryan Nott of Simpson Millar LLP pointed out the importance of taking great care of gas boilers, ovens and freestanding cookers.

"During initial installation and at regular servicing intervals, you should always use an engineer registered and qualified with Gas Safe, which you can confirm by asking to see their ID card," said Bryan. "You should also install a carbon monoxide detector, which could be the critical element in your home which helps stop a leak becoming fatal."

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