Car Accident Compensation Success Stories for the Simpson Millar RTA Team


Once more the Road Traffic Accident team successfully claim compensation on behalf of their clients.

One particular client was involved in a road accident when he was hit by another car from behind. The client suffered very bad whiplash injuries which left him needing 6 months’ rehabilitation treatment which was not available on the NHS.

Our client needed to take time off work to recover from the car accident and then other times off to attend medical appointments at his own expense. He was unable to return to his full work duties for a period of time.

His whiplash injuries also had a significant impact on his day-to-day life as he found himself unable to carry out some simple tasks because of pain and he was also unable to return to his leisure activities which included working out at the gym, playing golf and snorkeling.

In all, this car accident had a negative effect on all aspects of our client’s life and, after liability was admitted in August 2009, in January 2010 we secured a compensation award of £26,500.

Another client, a minicab driver, found his livelihood and ability to provide for his family in jeopardy when his car was damaged in a road accident.

On 26 April 2009 he was stationary in his car when it was hit from behind by another vehicle. Our client was thrown forwards and backwards in his car but was fortunately wearing a seatbelt. Nevertheless, he was left with whiplash injuries and in shock from the incident.

Our client’s car was damaged and needed to be repaired and so we arranged for a hire vehicle and recovered money to allow him to repair his own vehicle.

After recovering all our client's losses including money to compensate him for his nasty whiplash injury we successfully claimed compensation for this car accident of over £13,000.

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