Can Spain be a Cruise Capital?


Last year, Spain welcomed more than 7.66 million cruise passengers according to the State Ports of Spain.

Visiting cruise passengers in spain has tripled in a decade

Sun, Sea, and Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination, and the increase in cruise passengers has brought in revenue of €1.255 million. Within Spain, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands such as Ibiza are the big hitters for the whole of the Mediterranean cruise industry, taking in 79% of all cruise ship tourism.

Barcelona and the Balearic Islands share 79% of the cruises in the med

Cruises can definitely be an enjoyable holiday, but sometimes things over which you have no control can go wrong. This includes both a holiday illness and an accident.

The Athens Convention is a piece of law that applies to passengers on cruise ships and their carrier. When we usually talk about holiday illnesses and accidents, we refer to the Package Travel Regulations, which allow you to make a claim in the UK courts against a tour operator who sold you a package holiday.

Cruise Ship Compensation – The Law

The Athens Convention however does have one powerful benefit - the cruise operator has to prove it wasn't their fault you were injured or ill, whereas usually you have to prove it's their fault.

Passengers on a cruise ship are exposed to a different range of risks than that of a hotel. Slips, trips and falls for example can be increasingly common with wet floors and rough waves. Cruise ships should make use of slip resistant flooring wherever necessary, and should make passenger safety their top priority. Illnesses can also break out quite readily, as you are quite limited in where you can eat. Cruise ships commonly put on buffets, if hygiene at these buffets is not up to scratch you can end up with a full scale outbreak on the ship.

If you feel your cruise trip has been affected by an accident or illness, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to our holiday claims specialists. Alternatively, you can ask us anything online, using our enquiry box.

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