Can a Broken Home Still be a Happy Home?


With 42% of marriages in the UK ending in divorce, and half of these involving children under 16, many children are having to learn how to cope with a 'broken' home.

Broken homes can be happy homes

Azka is a 9 year old boy living in Indonesia, and he's taken to Youtube to share his 'Story as a Broken Home Kid.'

What's different about Azka's story is that it shows how families that are 'broken' can still be incredibly happy and fulfilled.

Azka's Story

Azka's story shows that for children, divorce and separation doesn't necessarily have to be a negative process. His father spoke with BBC Trending to explain how when they told Azka about the split, Azka was initially concerned about who he would live with. They decided that he would stay in his house, and named it 'Azka's House'. His mother lives nearby and she visits almost every day.

In the video Azka explains that he's happy because his parents "don't argue anymore". As well as this, Azka goes on days out and on holidays with both of his parents together, and generally enjoys seeing both parents to his heart's content.

What Can You Do?

Many children don't have a similar experience to Azka. The Office for National Statistics found that 25% of families in the UK consist of lone parents, furthermore, 20% of resident parents said that their child hasn't seen the other parent once since separating from them.

Going through a divorce or a separation is creates emotional strain for everyone involved, people are often upset and angry, and it can be difficult to put these feelings aside.

Organisations like Resolution try to help families in these situations to deal with their problems in a constructive and sensitive manner. Family solicitors who are members of Resolution are committed to resolving matters in a way that is non-confrontational, open, honest, and importantly puts the best interests of the child first.

Carol Chrisfield, our Associate solicitor specialising in Family Law, is also a member of Resolution. Carol explains:

"Relationships with former partners don't just end with divorce. It's important for clients to recognise that after separation, many have to continue to work together. This is why people need to try to make sure that matters are dealt with as amicably as possible, especially where children are involved."

Divorce Advice

When thinking about divorce or separation, charities like Relate can be helpful in providing specialist relationship support. If you decide that you need the help of a specialist divorce solicitor, our family law team will be on hand to give you the legal advice and support that you need to move forward.

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