British Lung Foundation Receives Funding For Mesothelioma Research


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The British Lung Foundation, the UK's leading lung charity, has secured funding that will allow them to undertake ground-breaking research into mesothelioma.

British Lung Foundation Receives Mesothelioma Research Funding

The £5million of funding, provided by the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation, will allow the British Lung Foundation to work with the University of Leicester and Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to give real hope to those diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Explaining what the donation could mean for sufferers, Helen Grady – Partner in Industrial Disease at Simpson Millar and an expert on asbestos-related cases – commends the work done by the charity.

Research, Campaigns, & Support

The British Lung Foundation has a long-tradition of advancing research, managing successful campaigns, and supporting those who suffer from lung-related illnesses.

The charity has been researching lung conditions for 30 years, taking significant steps to improve understanding and the level of care afforded to those afflicted by a lung condition.

Their constant aim is to improve care while preventing, treating, and curing lung diseases.

As part of their vision, the British Lung Foundation works tirelessly to improve the quality of life of mesothelioma sufferers and Simpson Millar are proud to support their work in this area as patrons of the charity.

Mesothelioma Research

Funding from the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation will allow the British Lung Foundation to support innovative research at two locations already well-established as pioneers in mesothelioma discovery, which is why they were chosen by the Foundation.

Papworth Hospital hosts MesobanK, the UK’s unique Biobank that is the cornerstone of research in mesothelioma in the UK and EU; Papworth is also a main centre for the surgical treatment of mesothelioma.

The University of Leicester was chosen as it is a leading centre for clinical trials and will work with BLF and Papworth hospitals to advance our understanding of mesothelioma.

The British Lung Foundation is also looking to maximise patient benefit and impact from this funding by establishing a Mesothelioma Research Network, which includes the organisations involved in this funded research and other specialist mesothelioma centres across the UK.

Commenting on this promising news, Helen said:

"Asbestos exposure, and in turn mesothelioma, is still a pertinent issue in our society. A combination of factors, namely a late UK ban on asbestos, means that asbestos exposure is happening right now."

"This funding and subsequent research is promising as it could help current mesothelioma sufferers cope with their condition, but it could also offer hope to future generations that face asbestos exposure, as it is only through research can we develop our understanding and help sufferers manage their symptoms."

"This is great news for the British Lung Foundation, who do so much excellent work supporting those affected by a range of lung conditions."

"Such a large funding commitment should help the charity conduct some cutting-edge research, while the establishment of a mesothelioma research network should offer real hope to sufferers of mesothelioma."

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