Breaking the Illusion – The Realities of Domestic Violence


Last week Alexsandro Palombo, 40, a Milanese artist demonstrated his latest work, which attempts to tackle domestic violence. The pictures are of our favourite cartoon characters, with an exceptionally dark twist.

No Fairytale

Palombo's work shows our favourite cartoon couples with the female characters suffering at the hands of an abusive partner. The fact that the images are of cartoon characters doesn't belittle in any way the gravity of the situation they're trying to convey.

Forcing the audience to confront what some women go through under the illusion of a happy relationship, the use of cartoon characters is particularly relevant. Often we see characters like Snow White as part of a 'fairy tale', and characters such as the Simpsons, who often argue, as humorous, but we think little of their disputes.

While the images specifically focus on male-on-female violence, it is important to remember that this is not the only form domestic abuse takes. There is also male-on-male, female-on-female, and female-on-male violence.

Domestic abuse also does not need to incorporate physical violence, as we've discussed previously.

The pictures are intended to shock, and they've certainly achieved that. While they're of cartoon characters, they convey a serious message, and certainly shatter some of the illusions that are maintained around relationships, as well as those illusions that are maintained by abusive partners themselves.

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