Brain injury went undetected by Birmingham medics


Birmingham medics are currently being investigated after they failed to diagnose a substantial head injury.

Seventy nine year old pensioner, Andrew Johnstone, was taken to Selly Oak's Accident and Emergency department after suffering from a fall.

Medics at the Birmingham hospital diagnosed Mr Johnstone as suffering from a "bump on the head".

However his wife Anne became worried and believed his condition to be more serious, so she insisted they carry out a CT scan. The results of the scan showed that Mr Johnstone was in fact bleeding from the brain due to a fractured skull and suffering from brain damage.

Mr Johnstone was immediately taken into surgery, after which he was left in a coma for 1 week. He is currently recovering in Moseley Hall Hospital.

Mrs Johnstone commented: "If we had gone home, I have no doubt my husband would be dead now". Mrs Johnstone went on to comment that her husband had been ignored for hours at the hospital despite showing the classic symptoms of a head injury eg: brain bleed, vomiting and disorientation.

Selly Oak Hospital is currently investigating the complaint.

Phil Gower, Head of our Brain Injury team said: "Anyone suffering a head injury has the right to proper medical care. Medical professionals have a duty to the patient to be able to spot the signs and symptoms of head injuries and to provide the appropriate treatment in a timely manner".

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