Brain injury victims demand better support


Glasgow-based Brain Injury Awareness Campaign (BrainIAC) is demanding better support for victims and their carers by means of a petition sent to Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon.

Helen Moran set up BrainIAC after she fell from window and suffered serious head injuries. Helen said: "We want the Minister to start things moving. We’re asking for acquired brain injury to be treated as a separate category, so that when people are released from hospital the support and care they and their families need is there."

Brain injuries affect not only the victim but their families as well and increased care and support is needed when the victim leaves hospital and it is sad to see that in some areas there is no aftercare support at all.

Anyone who has suffered a head trauma can often develop side effects such as violent mood swings, aggressive behaviour or depression. If they received the right aftercare then their quality of life could be vastly improved.

MSPs on the Public Petitions Committee have called for Mrs Sturgeon to address the issue.

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