Brain injury victim dies due to lack of medical care by hospital


Carolyn Loak died in March 2005 after she was deprived of oxygen in Kettering General Hospital.

The hospital trust involved have apologised to her family and admitted that they failed to care for her properly.

Carolyn Loak died of a brain injury due to lack of blood and oxygen. She was in hospital following an anxiety attack during her stay there she was told there was not enough beds for her to go to ICU and was only moved there after she suffered a cardiac arrest.

Due to Mrs Loak having asthma and severe coronary artery disease the medical staff were aware that she was at risk and more susceptible to brain injuries.

After being in ICU she was moved to another ward where she died the next day. The inquest is ongoing.

Anyone who enters a hospital with any time of trauma or susceptible trauma to the head must receive the highest level of medical care coupled with prompt medical treatment.

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