Brain injury goes undetected by healthcare trust


Joseph Neale left brain damaged after an accident at work has received an initial payment of £100,000 from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust after they admitted mistakes during his treatment.

Mr Neale was taken ill after a gust of wind blew him off the top of a skip he was unloading at work.

Mr Neale suffered a head injury and was twice given an emergency referral by his GP to North Tyneside Hospital for a suspected serious brain injury following vomiting, throbbing headache over his right eye and suffering drowsiness.

On his 1st referral the A&E department discharged him without treatment and on the 2nd referral the Medical Admission Unit placed him on a general ward without any emergency treatment.

Mr Neale's condition deteriorated rapidly overnight and only then did medical staff become concerned. After a scan it was revealed that Mr Neale was suffering from a subdural haematoma (bleeding on the brain).

After emergency treatment Mr Neale defied medical opinion and survived, however he now requires 24 hour care and resides in a Care home.

It is astonishing that a serious brain injury can be dealt with in such a way and shows a serious mistake on behalf of the hospital.

A final compensation payment is yet to be calculated by the Courts, but it will provide care for the rest of Mr Neale's life.

This case highlights the fact that mistakes do happen and serious injuries can go undetected. If you have been involved in an accident and suffered a head injury you should seek medical help immediately and make sure that you receive the appropriate care and attention.

Everyone makes mistakes, but what if that mistake costs you your life?

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