Brain Injury Awareness Month: The Importance of Early Rehabilitation


When a person has sustained a brain injury following an accident, this often has massive consequences for the way they live their life; even subtle brain injuries can affect a person’s life forever.

Traumatic brain injuries require sufficient rehabilitation

That’s why most clients try to get their lives back to normal as soon as possible. Though it’s not possible for everyone to get back to their ‘old life’, we try to help them as much as possible. At Simpson Millar, early rehabilitation is one of the things we focus on to make this happen.

Jonathan Grundy, a Solicitor specialising in Serious Personal Injury, explains his client's case and why early rehabilitation was crucial.

Jonathan's Client's Accident

"My client was in a cycling accident and wasn’t wearing a helmet. He suffered several injuries and experienced memory loss, deafness and tinnitus. Because of his memory loss, he couldn’t remember the accident or anything that had happened, but it was clear that he was hit full on.

In dealing with this case I focused on early rehab straight away. Though the defendants denied liability at the beginning of the case, I persuaded them to agree to our rehab plan so that my client could recover more quickly. This would also be beneficial to the defendants, since we can reduce the level of future damages if it comes to a settlement.

Recovery Helped by Rehabilitation

With early rehabilitation, my client was able to make a fantastic recovery; he is now even back at work and has begun cycling again. This is the reason why we always focus on getting rehabilitation in place as soon as possible, even when the defendants deny liability."

Serious Personal Injury Solicitors

Simpson Millar's Serious Personal Injury team is pleased to be supporting Brain Injury Awareness Month. Having provided support for many people who have dealt with the life-changing consequences of brain injuries; we know all too well the difficulties people face in learning to live and move forward with their new condition.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury and would like legal advice, you can contact our experts on 0808 129 3320.

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