Bladder Cancer in Painters and Decorators – Can You Claim Compensation?


If you have worked as a painter or decorator for ten years or more, new research shows that you are 30% more likely to develop bladder cancer than other workers.

That’s because you are being exposed to the same chemicals found in cigarette smoke from the substances you work with. The raised risk of bladder cancer doesn’t just affect painters – plasterers, glaziers, wallpaper hangers, decorators and even artists have a higher chance of contracting bladder cancer.

Women are as much under threat of contracting bladder cancer as men – Rolling Stone Keith Richard’s wife has successfully battled the disease – but findings published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine have showed a clear link between being a painter or decorator and suffering from this form of cancer.

If you were or are employed as a painter or decorator and have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, you may be able to claim compensation from your employers.

If you were not given sufficient health and safety equipment such as face masks, proper ventilation and/or worked with substances that did not meet the required quality standards, then you might have a case to claim compensation for bladder cancer caused by your work as a painter or decorator.

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