Bizarre Driving Excuses That Won't Hold Up in Court


Even with the increased amount of speed cameras and road safety awareness, people still fall foul of the law, and end up in situations where their licence will either be endorsed (receive points) or disqualified. To help combat this, Simpson Millar LLP has launched a new Motoring Offences service.

People who drive with bad habits are often bad liars too
In some cases, there may be a legitimate defence, but it takes the expertise of a specialist motoring solicitor to present your case favourably in court.

Bizarre Excuses from Cambridge and Dorset

For the majority of motoring offences, a defence can be made on your behalf. People give a multitude of excuses when they're caught by the police breaking the law on the road, few are successful.

Dorset Police launched the first 'No Excuses' campaign to make their roads safer, concentrating on motoring offences that increase the risk of collisions, serious injury or death. Cambridge Police have followed suit and published the most bizarre excuses motorists use for breaking the law.

Some of the excuses coming out of Cambridge and Dorset include a driver:
  • Who excused her mobile phone use by saying she was eating a prawn cracker
  • Who said she was not wearing her seatbelt because she had just gotten a fresh spray tan
  • Who was "keeping up with the flow of traffic" and that's why they were speeding
  • Who was speeding to get home because they were "having puppies"
Julie Robertson who recently joined Simpson Millar LLP as a Partner and Head of our new Motoring Offences Department notes some of the defences offered to her:

"A lady who was charged with drink-driving said she had merely drunk perfume – putting her over the limit! Whilst a medical professional I was defending declared he had accidently drunk some alcoholic hand-wash…"

None of these "defences" will hold up in court, and if your excuse is along these lines, then you won't be very successful. The role of our solicitors is to use their expertise to help you go through your version of events, to identify if you have a valid reason for your actions that the courts are likely to accept.

I Don't Have a Defence, Now What?

If there is no valid defence for your actions, we can try to mitigate the circumstances so the punishment isn't so severe. In cases where a disqualification is discretionary and your solicitor believes it's the most likely outcome, we can negotiate on your behalf to see whether a less severe sentence may be given.

A momentary lapse of judgement can lead to the loss of your driving licence, and in some cases your job. It may not seem apparent at the time but contacting a solicitor is the best course of action you could take.

Bizarre excuses like the ones we've highlighted are not going to cut it when you get your day in court. A sensible, measured response from a solicitor that knows your case is going to give you the best chance of success.

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