Birth defect children in Corby win their battle


Eighteen young people have won their battle against Corby City Council regarding exposure to toxic chemicals.

Their case related to birth injuries which they believed were caused by their mothers' exposure to a variety of toxic materials in Corby.

In 1980 the British Steel Works plant in Corby was closed down and its buildings were slowly demolished throughout the 80s and the 90s with any waste products being taken to a nearby quarry.

An expert claimed that during the clean-up process an "atmospheric soup of toxic materials" hung over Corby and evidence has also being heard that the town seemed "dusty" or "dirty".

Corby City Council had denied the birth injury claims and said that whilst they were sympathetic they were confident that the site clear-up was done safely and thoroughly.

The young people have birth injuries such as deformities to their hands and feet. The Council believed that the birth defects were normal for the population and did not represent a cluster of cases.

The judge had to decide if the Council had a duty of care to the residents of Corby during the clean up and whether the residents were exposed to any airborne pollutants that could cause birth defects.

The judge had ruled in favour of the children but has stated that the victory only applies to the children born before 1997.

Corby City Council now faces extensive costs relating to compensation as they were not insured for such claims.

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