Bicycle accident victim receives over £4,000 in compensation


We recently helped a postman claim compensation after he was injured whilst on his bicycle in a road traffic accident. Our client received £4,391 in compensation for the injuries he sustained.

The accident happened whilst our client was cycling along a road and a third party collided with him and his bicycle. Our client sustained injuries to his left shoulder and left thigh; along with bruising to his left arm and cuts and abrasions to his elbow, left knee and both hands. He also suffered a mental state of shock, nervousness and sleep disturbances after his cycling accident.

Bike Accident Compensation Claim

Our client received physiotherapy for his physical injuries and has fully recovered within the prognosis periods provided.

A top solicitor from our Road Traffic Accident Team said: "Our client recovered special damages in respect of loss of earnings and recoverable earnings on behalf of his employer as well as compensation for his injuries."

"The claim proceeded via the Ministry of Justice Low Value Personal Injury Claims in road traffic accidents, and liability was admitted within 15 working days of the notification of the claim. Our client underwent a medical assessment 5 months after the accident and an offer to settle was made 7 months after the accident, the claim settled 7 and a half months after his accident."

She continued to say: "I am pleased that a settlement could be achieved in a short space of time and that our client is now fully recovered from accident and very satisfied with our conduct in this matter."

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