BBC’s Holiday Hit Squad Expose Health & Safety Risks at Hotels Again!


The BBC’s Holiday Hit Squad strikes again after they continue to expose hotels abroad in a bid to reduce the dangers and disappointments holiday makers are to face after planning their summer break to banish the winter blues. Little do many holiday makers know of the troubles that may face them, so it’s become increasingly important to shift the focus from the commonly known ‘holiday hot spots’ and for people to be warned of the ‘holiday hell spots’.

Holiday Hotel Hygeine

Last night’s programme targeted the Malibu Park Apartments in the popular holiday destination of Playa De Las Americas in Tenerife. The negative online reviews have been a cause for concern with people commenting: ‘3 stars to be removed’ and ‘take cleaning stuff with you’.

The show identified a number of health and safety risks after bringing in expert, Mike Williams to unearth some of the things that lurked in what looked like decent liveable apartments.

Investigator Mike Williams identified a broken window, lime scale and mould on showerheads and tiles, as well as dead cockroaches under the sofa bed with cockroach droppings found on the sheets. Cockroaches are a common pest in hotter climates, however due to the bacteria they carry, holiday makers are likely to contract illnesses such as salmonella and gastroenteritis if for example they come into contact with food that is contaminated. Mike Williams also explained how the possibility of lime scale has the potential to cause illness such as Legionnaires Disease, which is a potential form of pneumonia developed through breathing in droplets of hot water temperatures.

Some of the further issues that were exposed by Mike in the outside area of the Malibu Apartments were broken shower tiles outside that could easily cause injury, grouting of the tiles along with algae in the pool which exposed swimmers to a number of illnesses and skin disorders. Moving on to investigate the children’s play area, Mike was alarmed at the trip hazard caused by uneven/raised and spaced slabbing, as well as a garden light on the floor exposing live wires. The findings which were reported to the hotel manager were eventually fixed, however holiday makers are advised to still be weary of such risks when choosing their accommodation, as changes are rarely implemented due to cost.

Another hotel under investigation was the Cortecito Inn in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The low rated hotel received much backlash from online reviews and so environmental Health Officer Marva was sent in to inspect the living accommodation and the results were shocking.

Marva found that the mattress had no mattress protector meaning that the mattresses carried skin, hair and germs of all previous guests. There was no continuous supply of hot water, there were unknown stains on the toilet, the seals for bathroom fixtures were mouldy enabling pests to breed where it was not sealed and there was mould in the bath. Marva also inspected the restaurant and kitchen area of the hotel to find that food was prepped and cooked in extremely poor conditions. Produce that was to be used was found lying on the floor whilst droppings were also found in the same vicinity making it highly likely that food would be contaminated. In the kitchen, there was no running hot water to clean dishes in the sink, there was a lot of disrepair and the kitchen staff used a filthy dish cloth to clean up with. Marva commented saying “if it was up to me I would consider closure”. Marva went to present her findings to hotel management and make recommendations, but they were not interested in hearing her concerns and instead issued a statement that they were to refurbish in 7 months.

Many hotels as previously stated fail on health and safety due to irregular and infrequent maintenance to save on costs. However, holiday makers are to ensure they carry their own thorough investigations so that they are not faced with an unpleasant holiday or worst still go home seriously ill or injured.

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