BBC's ‘Holiday Hit Squad’ Continues To Expose Unsafe Hotels Abroad


With summer approaching and holidays on the rise, the BBC 1 TV show "Holiday Hit Squad" continues to highlight the pitfalls of holidays abroad, focusing on accommodation failures, from health and safety concerns to overall poor standards.

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This week’s show again looked at a number of hotels at favourite holiday destinations, which had been sold by convincing tour operators yet failed to deliver the promises that were made when advertised. Among the hotels highlighted was the Hotel Maran.

Hotel Maran in Rhodes, Greece is a 2/3 star rated hotel. Despite the low rating, health and safety standards are still expected to be high. Simon Gregory, a health inspector on the show was brought in to assess what was causing the numerous complaints by holiday makers who had booked with the hotel. Some of the risks identified were exposed electrical wires, no smoke alarms despite it being a self-catering accommodation. Derek, a holiday maker, highlighted the pungent smell dispersing through the bathroom due a blockage, caused by gunge and matted hair in the shower drain. Cleaning parameters were also low due to the hygiene tests in bathrooms showing levels of uncleanliness at 75 when they should be between 0-30.

Unfortunately for tour operators, Hotel Maran was not the only hotel to have its accommodation inspected and criticised for poor health and safety standards. The Sand Beach Hotel in Egypt was given a few online reviews where guests had commented stating: ‘very bad smell’ & ‘worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in’. A number of risks posed to holiday makers in and around the hotel included a slope in the swimming pool which was an inevitable accident waiting to happen, a large stain at the bottom of the swimming pool and a fire escape in the bedroom which lead to an unsteady roof and a ladder to the ground floor. Buffet food was also being prepared in a kitchen infested with cockroaches and other foods were stored in a fridge at 30 degrees.

Amongst the health and safety standards at hotels, the show highlighted how holiday makers are also faced with disturbances which affect the enjoyment of their holiday. Rob and Nicky travelled to Thailand after booking on a website that promised luxury rooms and accommodation. What the advert missed out was that the hotel was not in the scenic tranquil surroundings it promised, as the couple woke up at 7:30am to a construction site outside their room with trucks, diggers and smoke blowing over from burning rubbish. Whilst the couple received half of their money back from the tour operator, holiday makers need to be alerted not to settle for less than what they had paid, as tour operators seem to escape full responsibility by refunding consumers as little as 10% of the purchase price.

These were the only hotels that have so far been exposed out of the thousands that holiday makers experience. Rozeena Mahatay in our Holiday Contract Claims Department says “ If you are going on holiday this year ensure that your holiday is a package holiday regulated under the Package Travel regulations 1992 and the hotel chosen meets your needs and provides the necessary health and safety measures to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe stay.”

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