Baroness Scotland To Talk About Domestic Violence in the USA


The Right Honourable Baroness Scotland QC is visiting the USA this week to raise awareness for domestic abuse through her two charities, the Elimination of Domestic Violence (EDV) Global Foundation and the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (Corporate Alliance). This is a chance to spread best practice on highlighting domestic violence issues and learn more from our colleagues across the pond.

Domestic Abuse at work is a global problem

Baroness Scotland in the USA

Baroness Scotland rightly pointed out that "No country or community is untouched" by domestic violence. Domestic violence and/or abuse as we commonly know it occurs between familial or interpersonal relationships but we now know that it also affects children that are part of the family.

The leading worldwide cause of injury and illness in women aged between 15 and 44 is domestic abuse and half of all women who die as a result of homicide are killed by a current or former partner. With these stark figures in mind, it is essential for us to tackle the occurrence of domestic violence/abuse in the UK, in our workplaces and worldwide.

This mission is so important, the British Embassy in Washington DC is supporting Baroness Scotland by inviting her and her two charities the Corporate Alliance and EDV Global Foundation to:

  • Share best practice and improve the response to domestic violence and violence against women and girls (VAWG)
  • To explore possible joint projects
  • To visit new victim support and safety projects such as the Family Justice Centre
  • Discuss the first ever research with employers in the UK with regards to domestic violence
  • Discuss how to actively engage with young people who are also affected by domestic violence

Tackling Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Emma Pearmaine is a trustee and member of the Corporate Alliance and on the Family Courts Unions Parliamentary Group. She supports the idea that domestic abuse not only needs to be tackled in the home, but in the workplace as well. 68% of people who have been victims of domestic violence will present with clinical depression. £1.9 billion is lost annually in lost wages, low productivity and stress in the workplace showing the huge impact that not addressing domestic abuse can have on the UK economy.

Domestic abuse not only needs to be tackled across international bodies and NGO's but also in the public and private sector. Most will spend the majority of their time at work making this one of the places a perpetrator may strike to continue to abuse their victim. This could be through abusive phone calls, waiting outside of the workplace or through email. It is your employers' job to make sure you are safe and well and must ensure that any risks to your safety are assessed. In 2014, The Alliance worked with 125 member and non-member companies to educate them on how domestic violence may affect their workers.

We will be following Baroness Scotland's trip to the USA with interest and sharing updates on twitter and Facebook.

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