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A baby who contracted sepsis in the womb, died due to the medical negligence of the hospital in charge of his care. Medical Negligence claims Partner, David Thomas, reports on a tragic case currently the subject of legal action.

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Life-Threatening Condition

For Patrycja Majewska it should have been one of the happiest days of her life when her baby was born. Joy turned to tragedy though, when medical staff failed to pick up on the life-threatening condition her new born baby had developed.

The trauma began when Ms Majewska's waters broke and, following an assessment by Coventry University Hospital, she was instructed to return a day later. Due to a lack of beds in the maternity department, she was placed on a general ward until, several hours later, one became available.

This was the start of a series of errors that ultimately led to her baby's death.

Urgent And Decisive Action

A mother displaying a high white blood cell count is often an early indicator for sepsis in an unborn baby. Ms Majewska, upon her admittance to the maternity ward, was doing just that. The staff overseeing her care failed to record this correctly, which, in turn, affected subsequent decisions regarding the baby's wellbeing.

Under circumstances where sepsis is suspected, urgent and decisive action is required. Following childbirth, the baby should have been administered antibiotics to assist in the battle against the infection, but was instead given another drug, which proved ineffective.

The baby also suffered oxygen starvation during childbirth, due to the failure to monitor his heart beat correctly. As a result of this error he was born with brain damage.

Deeply Concerning

A diagnosis of sepsis was eventually made and following seizures and a haemorrhage that flooded his lungs with blood, Ms Majewska's baby died aged just 5 days old.

The bereaved mother is now taking legal action against the hospital trust responsible, with Simpson Millar having been instructed to handle the case.

David Thomas, who is representing Ms Majewska, comments:

"It is deeply concerning that it wasn't just one thing, but a catalogue of errors, which caused this tragic death."

"It is important that the hospital trust looks closely at what went wrong and what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again. Patrycja has been through a terrible ordeal and has lost everything she held dear."

David Thomas is an expert in birth injury cases. If your child suffered as a result of negligence before, during or after childbirth, contact Simpson Millar today.

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