Avoiding stressful holidays with the right insurance


We all look forward to our holidays but sometimes they can be stressful especially when things happen which are outside our control such as flight delays, lost luggage or when an accident has occurred.

It is important that when preparing for our holidays we all ensure that we have the right type of insurance which will cover these types of situations. Whilst you can make a claim through your holiday insurance provider or directly to the flight operator there are some situations where specialist knowledge would be of assistance and seeking alternative advice would not affect your rights.

When reporting lost luggage or any type of claim always remember to keep a copy of the report even if you are submitting a claim to your Insurers, the airline or the airport authority and always keep copies of any letters/forms you send or receive.

When an accident or illness occurs when you are on holiday we do not always think to preserve the evidence. So it is important that should things go wrong you know what to do:
  • REPORT the accident to your Holiday Rep and the Resort Manager. Ensure the exact cause of the accident/location is recorded and request copies of accident book entries
  • Try and obtain contact details of any WITNESSES to your accident
  • Take PHOTOGRAPHS of the cause of the accident
  • Seek medical treatment ensuring that you obtain copies of records/notes detailing any diagnosis/treatment received.

What to do on your return home

You will need specialist advice and assistance and our personal injury solicitors have experience in handling holiday accident claims and they provide excellent advice for anyone who has been injured abroad.

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