"At Retirement" Advice Service


The Simpson Millar’s Financial Services Team is launching an "At Retirement Advice Service" to ensure that people can obtain independent and impartial advice coming up to retirement.

Take our free assessment today by calling 0808 129 3303The service will address an individual’s retirement objectives whilst also aiming to maximise the level of income they receive from their pensions by taking into account various health and lifestyle factors.

Nicola Hartley, IFA, says "Many people are not aware that they do not have to take the pension income offered by their current provider, they have the right to shop around. Taking into consideration any health or lifestyle factors can make a significant difference to the level of pension income received."

"The service offered by our team aims to overcome this, we want everyone at retirement to be aware of their rights and be able to secure the highest level of income available to them."

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