Assisted conception: Know your legal rights


The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority estimates that one in 7 couples have difficulties in conceiving. 2,000 children are born every year in the UK having used donated eggs, sperm or embryos.

Whilst assisted conception is not unusual, the law in this area has undergone significant development over the past 20 years with the law surrounding this area regularly hitting the headlines.

legal rights for assisted conception of children

There are a number of options available for those looking to be parents, whether married couples, unmarried couples, same sex partners or single people. If you are looking to embark on the process of assisted conception you should carefully consider the legal implications as your status as a parent may not be as you would first expect.

Did you know:

  • It is possible to be the genetic parent of a child but have no legal status as the mother or father
  • Children conceived at licensed clinics are able to find out information about their donors, even if they donate to anonymous recipients
  • Same sex couples in civil partnerships now have the same rights as married couples

The law is complex and Simpson Millar LLP's family law team are able to provide expert, confidential advice to those looking to go through this process. We are able to advise donors, recipients and children who are looking to become or have already been involved in this process.

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