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Follow the breaking news and legislation changes to Asbestos and Mesothelioma law. Our expert law team also provide their specialist views on current asbestos rulings and the need for greater awareness of these life changing and debilitating illnesses.
Pleural Thickening And The Effects Of Asbestos Exposure

Time icon 16 November 2017 | Person icon Phillip Gower

We answer your FAQs regarding pleural thickening and provide information on how to claim for asbestos related conditions.

Simpson Millar's Industrial Disease team attends National Lung Cancer Conference For Nurses 2017

Time icon 9 November 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

Simpson Millar's asbestos claims solicitors attend the NLCFN conference and networks with the country's lung cancer nurses for insight.

Avoiding Asbestos Exposure Whilst Doing DIY

Time icon 1 November 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

Could a simple survey save you and your family from asbestos exposure? Helen Grady explains.

Is Talcum Powder Safe To Use?

Time icon 11 September 2017 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Daily use of talcum powder could be putting you at risk of ovarian cancer. Phillip Gower investigates if talcum powder is safe to use.

Advice On Dealing With Asbestos In The Home

Time icon 8 August 2017 | Person icon Gavin Evans

If you have asbestos in your home, what can you do about it? Gavin Evans answers your FAQ about asbestos in the home

Is Hospital Asbestos A Problem?

Time icon 14 July 2017 | Person icon Gavin Evans

Six tonnes of asbestos can be found in schools, hospitals and factories in the UK. What does this mean for healthcare workers?

Action Mesothelioma Day 2017: Raise Awareness

Time icon 6 July 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

As part of Action Mesothelioma Day, Industrial Disease solicitors at Simpson Millar call for a raise in awareness.

Under-reporting Of Asbestos Found In UK Schools

Time icon 26 May 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

The Joint Union Asbestos Committee call for more transparency on the risk of asbestos in schools.

Witness Appeal For Young Mother Diagnosed With Mesothelioma

Time icon 4 May 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

After one of the youngest cases of mesothelioma she's seen our asbestos expert Helen Grady is appealing for information from Devon residents

Asbestos in Schools: New Figures Highlight Scale of Problem

Time icon 3 April 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

With the UK having the highest rate of teacher mesothelioma deaths in the world, Helen Grady explains why dormant asbestos in classrooms is dangerous

Asbestos Found In 264 Somerset Schools

Time icon 16 January 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

School teachers and pupils at risk of asbestos exposure in 264 Somerset schools, strengthening calls to remove asbestos from UK school buildings

Coroners Inquest Due To Rule On School Teachers Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Time icon 2 December 2016 | Person icon Helen Grady

Helen Grady discusses a coroners inquest in Exeter that is to rule on the cause of death for Sue Stephens, who contracted mesothelioma

Annual Conference Promotes Best Practice Amongst Lung Cancer Nurses

Time icon 30 November 2016 | Person icon Phillip Gower

The annual conference for the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses promotes best practices and provides a vital networking opportunity for specialists

Bolton Nightclub Owner Fined Over Asbestos Exposure

Time icon 11 November 2016 | Person icon Anthony Waddington

An asbestos solicitor reacts to the news that workers in Bolton could have been exposed to asbestos while refurbishing a local nightclub

Dormant Asbestos Risks: Six People Die Of Mesothelioma Every Day In England & Wales

Time icon 9 November 2016 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Figures from APIL have shown that six people die of asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma every day, highlighting the continued danger of dormant asbestos.

British Lung Foundation Receives Funding For Mesothelioma Research

Time icon 9 November 2016 | Person icon Helen Grady

The British Lung Foundation have received funding from the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation that will allow them to conduct ground-breaking mesothelioma research

Church Fire Highlights Danger Of Dormant Asbestos

Time icon 20 October 2016 | Person icon Helen Grady

There are fears of asbestos exposure in Bristol after a fire at an abandoned church could have released the toxic material into the air

Asbestos Exposure Is Happening Now

Time icon 16 September 2016 | Person icon Gavin Evans

Did you know you could still be exposed to asbestos? We answer the key questions on the risks of asbestos.

New Scheme Launched To Tackle Mesothelioma

Time icon 5 July 2016 | Person icon Helen Grady

The British Lung Foundation has recently launched a new scheme to help provide new avenues for research, guidance, and support to victims of lung cancer.

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