Asbestos death victim's film story to educate others


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released an educational video recounting the experiences of Christopher Morgan, who died from asbestos-related mesothelioma in 2010.

Absestos Mesothelioma

The film release forms part of the HSE's 'Hidden Killer' campaign, whose goal is to inform and advise anyone who could come into contact with asbestos at any time of their life.

In November 2008 Mr Morgan was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a fatal cancer caused by inhalation of asbestos fibres which can take decades after exposure to appear. Mr Morgan died in March 2010.

In the video, entitled 'The Hidden Killer – Christopher Morgan’s Story', Mr Morgan talks candidly about his work as a pipe fitter and how he was exposed to asbestos fibres.

During the film he relates the problems of the poor health and safety measures which caused him, his colleagues and others around him to be exposed to the material.

Mr Morgan and his partner Jean also talk about the effect asbestos-related diseases can have on a family. The film, which you can watch here, is designed to help people who might encounter asbestos at work, as well as those keen to protect themselves and educate their own co-workers, friends and families.

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