Asbestos claims from abroad – a great compensation claim result for our mesothelioma client in Australia


We're pleased to report that we have recently won £190,000 for a client suffering from the asbestos disease mesothelioma, even though our client has emigrated to Australia. If you live abroad now but contracted your asbestos-related disease whilst living and working in the UK, you may be able to claim compensation.

First, let's go back to 1964 when our client began working as an apprentice for John Thompson Ltd in Ettingshall near Wolverhampton in the UK. Between then and 1970, he was exposed to asbestos dust at the firm which manufactured boilers and added asbestos lagging as an insulating material.

Our client's job was to sweep up the asbestos off cuts, handle the asbestos lagging and also the woven asbestos blankets and asbestos gloves used by welders. This exposure to asbestos obviously left him at serious risk of contracting an asbestos-related disease.

And our case was solid because at the time of our client's employment his employers knew, or at least should have known, the dangers of inhaling asbestos dust.

This foreseeable risk became all too real for our client when he was diagnosed with the untreatable disease mesothelioma. But by this time he had built a new life in Victoria, Australia and, of course, time was of the essence to bring a claim. But even though he now lives abroad, he could still bring his compensation claim for mesothelioma.

When we were contacted to take on the asbestos compensation claim case we quickly obtained a set of medical records and asked our consultant chest physician to prepare a full report. We also acted speedily to get in touch with the insurers and we were delighted to negotiate such a satisfying settlement for our client.

It is always more difficult to take on compensation cases when clients are living abroad, particularly in mesothelioma cases. Yet because of the devastating effects of mesothelioma the Courts do allow a fast track system which we made full use of.

And given the plethora of modern communications systems available, such as email and mobile phones, we were able to stay in touch with the client and let him know about his mesothelioma compensation claim's progress throughout the case.

We are always delighted to represent clients whose lives have been irrevocably changed and cruelly cut short by companies who put their profits above their people's welfare.

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