Are speeding penalty changes going to affect your licence, or your life?


We all know that speed limits exist for a reason, and many of us have cursed speed cameras that clock us doing that couple of miles an hour over the limit.

But research has shown that drivers doing just 25% more than the given road speed limit are 6 times more likely to have an accident – and high speed collisions often end up with fatalities or serious personal injury.

Speeding Penalty Changes – Road Traffic Accident Specialists at Today LegalSo why is it that the government seems keen to lower the penalties for speeding? Currently all speeding motorists, whether they’ve strayed slightly over the limit or are tearing up the road, are given 3 points on their licence. But, if the proposed new system comes into effect, those who go just a few miles over the limit will see just 2 penalty points on their licence, whilst those who ignore the speed limit to the level of dangerous driving will be penalised with 6 points.

It seems the 'big idea' is to prevent drivers who inadvertently commit 'minor' speeding offences from losing their licences and to garner some public support for speed cameras.

But this comes as a blow to road safety support campaigners aiming to kill speed on our roads. For example, will this softening of punishments for driving even slightly too fast lead to an increase in road traffic accidents? Will we see more personal injury compensation claims from other road users and pedestrians as a result of what could be deemed a ‘relaxing’ of the rules?

As this new proposal on the points system only goes to public consultation next month (May 2011) we will all have to wait and see what affect any changes could have on road traffic accidents and the rise in personal injury compensation claims that might be the result.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault and suffered personal injury you may be entitled to compensation.

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