Are Health and Safety Costs Spiralling Out of Control?


Health and Safety is paramount when it comes to people performing their jobs well, being safe at school and spending leisure time outside. With this in mind, it is shocking for us to find that so much money is paid out in compensation every year to those who are injured because of poor health and safety.

Health and Safety Inspection

How Can Costs be Cut?

It's far easier for an employer, local council or school to put health and safety measures in place rather than leave those using their facilities to come to some kind of harm.

The benefits of addressing health and safety costs include:

  • Reduced risks
  • Fewer accidents
  • A lessened threat of legal action

Despite this, health and safety is still overlooked and people are being put in danger.

When Health and Safety is Ignored

Due to basic health and safety failures in Greater Manchester schools in the last 5 years, more than £1.5million has been paid out in compensation. A request was made by the Employment Law Advisory Service under the Freedom of Information Act who made the figures public. Accidents and injuries ranged from a child who slipped on ice and leaves to one who was hit on the head with a crossbar, all accidents were deemed to be preventable.

A school in Edinburgh has recently been in the news after a free standing wall in the girls changing rooms collapsed on a pupil crushing her to death. This is not the first time serious concerns have been raised at the school. Edinburgh City Council was fined £8,000 after a girl fell 16ft from a broken lift when teachers tried to free her.

Similarly, in Liverpool it was reported that the University Hospital Aintree spent £244,000 over the past 2 years after 40 compensation claims were made by laundry workers who had been hurt by discarded needles. Instead of that money going to the care and maintenance of the hospital, unfortunately it had to be given in compensation to hard working individuals that were harmed by the fault of the hospital.

Legal Obligations

Whether you are a school, employer or local council, health and safety should be given frank consideration. You are required to look at whether or not you are satisfying your legal obligations.

If you are a pupil, employee or just going about your business you should be secure in the knowledge that you should not come to any harm.

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