Are changes on the way for social care services at home


Former health minister Lord Warner has been defeated in the House of Lords after he attempted to delay Labour’s plans to provide free personal care to some 250,000 people in England who receive social care services at home.

Although it is expected that the free personal care plan would only help half of the elderly and disabled people who receive social care services at home - and people living in care homes wouldn’t benefit at all – it is still going to form a key part of Gordon Brown’s election campaign and could make a real positive difference to the people who would benefit from it.

There is some opposition to the timing of the plan’s proposal, as social care services as a whole are under review at the moment. During the summer a Green Paper was published giving radical new ideas for social services, with proposals affecting the whole range of social services and not just social care.

Lord Warner argued that the introduction of the free personal care plan should be delayed until the review of social services is complete. He also said that he thought the free personal care plan was “unaffordable”, though Health Secretary Andy Burnham said it had been properly costed and was about "making the system fairer".

The new free personal care plan could be implemented after the election and during the review of wider social services, which may cause difficulties if you, an elderly relative or a disabled family member needs social care services at home. Because of the confusion the new plan could bring, we at Simpson Millar are expecting to handle more cases for clients who are not being provided with the correct social care or health care services in the home. We are experts at dealing with cases on behalf of clients who require social care services at home.

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